What is Governmental Affairs?
What is Governmental Affairs?
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How does the Chamber utilize government relations to promote a pro-business environment in our community? The Chamber continuously works within the legislative arena on our members' behalf, including:

  • Identifying and analyzing local, state and federal legislative issues that impact business and developing response strategies

  • Developing members' concerns into a pro-business legislative platform formally presented to lawmakers

  • Educating public officials about the business community and directly advocating policies that promote business success

  • Producing reports and updates that help members to track legislative action
  • Facilitating a broad range of opportunities for meaningful interaction between members and elected officials, including legislative caucuses and receptions, candidate forums, candidate interviews, and legislative guest speakers

  • Creating nonpartisan candidate profile guides to provide information about candidates and elections, helping members and their employees to make informed voting decisions

  • Responding to inquiries by members, citizens, and the media about legislation and its impact on business

It's Good for Business!

How does having a strong voice in government benefit Chamber members? The Chamber's government relations efforts contribute to the success of area businesses by:

  • Enabling the Chamber to actively pursue governmental policies that promote a strong business climate and encourage business growth

  • Keeping members well-informed about public policy matters that impact the business community, empowering members to respond quickly and effectively

  • Enhancing the Chamber's visibility and influence with local, state, and federal elected officials

  • Maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business community's legislative efforts through the cooperative use of resources

  • Serving as an informational resource to members and the public on legislative matters