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Topeka, Kansas, August 31, 2011 - Mize Houser & Company P.A., a regional accounting and information technology (IT) firm with offices in Topeka, Lawrence and Overland Park, Kansas has prospered during this economic downturn. Since July, 2010 the firm has grown and increased total staff approximately 10% to 172 total employees. New positions have been added to all departments and at all three office locations.

“Businesses need a trusted advisor during difficult times, and we’ve been able to serve our clients in that way,” said Duane Bond, Director/Shareholder. “They’ve reciprocated by referring our services to other companies and fellow businesspeople, so we’ve added new positions in order to keep up with the growth.”

New employees have found working at Mize Houser to be an easy transition. Topeka payroll specialist Kristen Corder had been laid off from her previous job and searched for several months before being called for an interview at Mize Houser. She said, “When I was hired, I was nervous coming into such a large and reputable company, but as soon as I walked through the doors on that first day, I felt like I was part of a family, not just another face in the crowd. They really took me under their wing and taught me the skills I needed to be the best at my job. I was surprised to see how much they truly care about you as an individual and will do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable and confident in your job. I feel that I have been given a great opportunity to work with such wonderful people and I believe I have found a place that I can call home!”

Overland Park accountant Cassie Tremonti had worked at other accounting firms before coming to Mize Houser and said, “I was surprised during busy season that although there was a lot of work to get completed, everyone's attitudes stayed positive and stress levels were much lower than what I had experienced at other firms.” Accountant Lisa Hill confirmed this impression. “Compared to other firms, Mize Houser’s atmosphere is much more friendly and comfortable. While the firm has high expectations for getting work done efficiently and effectively, the climate is very different than what I’ve experienced before.”

The growth in employment isn’t done – at this writing, there are six job openings listed on Mize Houser’s website, www.mizehouser.com, ranging from accounting to payroll to IT positions. “We’re still actively looking for good people,” said Bond.

For more information, contact Stella Penry at spenry@mizehouser.com or by calling 785.233.0536.


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