Leadership Lenexa includes nine full-day sessions, each featuring a different aspect of the community including City, County, and State Government, City Services, Education, Economic Development, Leadership Strengths, and Team Building.

The sessions feature presentations, on-site visits, and small group exercises and are designed to educate and inspire examination of local and regional issues.

In addition to engaging with established and emerging leaders, Leadership Lenexa will expand your personal and professional networks. Several sessions are shared with seven other Johnson County chamber leadership programs.

The program will enhance your knowledge of Lenexa, whether your future holds elected office, a volunteer board position, or simply the desire to better understand the people and processes that make our community successful.

“Leadership Lenexa was an awesome experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to experience local and regional leadership in a way that I have never been exposed to and it was fascinating to see what propels, motivates, and connects our community to the region and beyond. The program also provided new networking opportunities that I am grateful for! Each event presented opportunities to have fun while learning and experiencing the program with my group of peers made it all the more enjoyable!”  
– John LeRoy, WaterOne, Class of 2023

Session dates and session descriptions may be found here.

Questions? Contact Julie Steiner at jsteiner@lenexa.org or 913.888.1269.