Business Information

Lenexa is an easy place to do business. With one of the most educated workforces in America, finding skilled employees is an easy task. With three major highways intersecting in the heart of Lenexa, transportation and distribution based companies have an easy time getting in and out of the city. The 21,000+ miles of fiber optic cable laid throughout the city is just one of the ways Lenexa has made utilities easy to access.


Knowledgeable Workers
Johnson County ranked 1st among all US counties with populations exceeding 250,000 in the percentage of adults with at least a high school education, 4th in percentage with at least a bachelor’s degree, and 19th with a graduate or professional degree.

Each year, over 40,000 graduates from the area’s colleges and universities enter the labor force with skills ready to put to use.


Highway Access
Lenexa is at the crossroads of four major highways. With access to Interstates 35, 435, US Highway 69, and Kansas State Highway 10, transportation in and out of the city is easy to do. While traveling by car, you are never more than a 10 minute drive from access to a major highway. This enables companies to get their products to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. It also helps them bring in their employees from around the Kansas City metro area.

Rail Access
The Kansas City metro area is the nation’s second largest rail hub. Lenexa is serviced by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad and has two business parks with rail access.

The JO has been providing public transportation services to much of Johnson County, downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas since 1980. The JO normally operate 5 days a week with most routes running in the early morning and late afternoon. There are over 100 drivers who drive approximately 100 coaches, cutaway vans and smaller vehicles. JO vehicles travel approximately 8,300 miles every day. They also provide community service routes such as the Chiefs Express to Arrowhead Stadium and other like services.


Operating from headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, Evergy has evolved into a full-service energy provider and resource. Evergy’s proven reliability and affordable rates have helped build satisfaction among our residential and commercial customers in Missouri and Kansas. In national comparisons Evergy ranks among those utilities offering the lowest average prices for all customer segments and the least number of power interruptions due to outages. To better serve customers, the utility has been a leader in using technologies such as e-commerce and automated meter reading. Evergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Plains Energy Company.
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Atmos Energy, one of the largest pure natural gas distributors in the United States, delivers natural gas to about 1.7 million residential, commercial, industrial and public-authority customers. Our regulated utility services are provided to more than 1,000 small and medium-size communities in 12 states. Atmos Energy‘s nonutility operations are ranked as one of the leading domestic mid-tier gas marketers. They procure and trade gas supplies for industrial customers and municipalities in 18 states, arrange for gas transportation and management services, manage company-owned gas storage and pipeline assets, and construct and lease small electric generating plants for municipalities and industrial customers.
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Kansas Gas Service provides clean, reliable natural gas to more than 642,000 customers in 341 communities in Kansas. Kansas Gas Service is a division of ONEOK, Inc. (NYSE: OKE), a diversified natural gas company primarily involved in oil and gas production, natural gas processing, gathering, storage and transmission in the midcontinent areas of the United States. ONEOK’s energy marketing and trading operations provide service to customers in 33 states. ONEOK is a Fortune 500 company with 1.9 million distribution customers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. For information about Kansas Gas Service, visit the Web site:

WaterOne is a quasi-municipal agency that provides water to more than 350,000 persons. WaterOne’s Administrative Offices are located at 10747 Renner Boulevard, Lenexa, KS. WaterOne serves residential and commercial accounts in 15 cities in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. In 2002, WaterOne served approximately 125,600 customers. WaterOne has no taxing authority, nor is it part of Johnson County government. WaterOne’s primary sources of revenue are through water sales, and system development charges.
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Waste Water
Johnson County Wastewater’s primary responsibility is to safely and efficiently transport and treat wastewater before returning it to an area waterway. The goal of wastewater treatment in any community is to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and to protect the environment for human and aquatic life. Before modern methods of wastewater treatment were introduced, the spread of life-threatening diseases was common in most communities across the country. JCW’s role in Johnson County is to ensure that our streams, rivers and lakes are free from disease-causing bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the public health. As we learn more about the importance of protecting our natural resources, wastewater treatment becomes an obvious defense against water pollution. Wastewater treatment has been called the “last line of defense” against water pollution.
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