What Lenexa Chamber Policy Advocacy Has Done for Your Business

Many bills the Chamber has worked hard on in recent years are now saving our members time and money, restoring fairness to the workplace, and promoting investment that will ensure our state’s economic health!

  • Worked to address the labor shortage by reducing barriers to employment.
  • Repealed personal property taxes on newly-acquired business machinery and equipment, saving you money each year and providing an economic incentive to replace or upgrade the equipment at your place of business.
  • Phased down income taxes to save Kansas businesses money, encourage reinvestment, and keep our state competitive in the marketplace.
  • Phased out the business franchise tax.
  • Phased out the state estate tax to help ensure the long-term survival of small businesses.
  • Prevented efforts to mandate payment of prevailing wages or other benefits.
  • Worked to reduce and control unemployment compensation taxes and expand the misconduct that can bar eligibility for unemployment and workers compensation benefits.
  • Promoted state and local spending on K-12 education to preserve an important economic development asset in attracting new businesses and ensure children are prepared to compete and succeed in the workplace.
  • Expanded opportunities for businesses to control their health care costs.
  • Promoted affordable higher education that correlates programs with workforce needs.
  • Instituted reforms to make the legal system more fair, efficient, and cost-effective when there is a legal dispute.

And don’t forget — many of the Chamber’s biggest victories are costly bills we made sure DIDN’T become law!


Click here to view the Chamber’s 2024 State Legislative Agenda.




What Else We’ve Done to Ensure Our Members Have a Meaningful Voice in the Legislative Process

  • Hosted private meetings, briefings, and roundtables between Chamber members and state officials, members of Congress, state legislators, and local officials.
  • Hosted speakers and special events on key legislative topics so that members can educate themselves on the issues of the day.
  • Hosted candidate forums and candidate interviews and created an online Candidate Profile Guide for elections, to help members determine which candidates best reflect their views.
  • Publicly supported select ballot initiatives that promote a strong economy and maintain our community’s high quality of life.
  • Provided the Public Policy section on the Chamber website www.lenexa.org, which includes information about the Chamber’s advocacy  program; a directory of local, state, and federal elected officials; election information; tips for communicating effectively with elected officials; and a library of legislative links!

And that’s just a sampling — with members’ support, we’ll continue to represent businesses’ concerns with our federal, state, and local elected officials!