Our Advocacy Program

You can’t be with policymakers every day, but we can.

Government action can significantly affect the health of your business. Public officials need to know the concerns of area employers and how proposed policies impact their local business community. Through the Chamber businesses of all sizes can speak together on issues and help find solutions.

Support and guidance from a strong and diverse membership is essential to our advocacy success – large and small, across every industry. Your Chamber membership enables us to focus on public policy, while you focus on your business

It’s more important than ever to ensure the business perspective is at the table during policy discussions. A 2023 report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce revealed companies’ concerns about public policy risk – such as changes in taxes, regulations, or enforcement – have increased 27% over the last decade, citing worries about what they perceive as increasingly partisan approaches to lawmaking and a growing willingness to pursue policy changes through regulation rather than legislation. Employers need help anticipating, monitoring, and when necessary, engaging in proposed public policy.

The Lenexa Chamber is a dedicated and proactive advocate for the area business community. The Chamber’s advocacy program pursues governmental policies and solutions that support a pro-business environment. With an on-staff policy expert with more than 25 years of experience in public policy and lobbying, Chamber members are assured of a strong and knowledgeable voice representing their concerns.

The Chamber’s advocacy program contributes to business success, job creation, and economic growth by focusing on:

  • Cultivating a robust and competitive business climate and workforce;
  • Educating public officials about the area business community;
  • Providing information and data to empower members to engage in public policy matters affecting their business;
  • Enhancing members’ visibility and influence with local, state, and federal elected officials through opportunities for meaningful interaction; and
  • Producing nonpartisan information about candidates and elections, helping members and their employees make informed voting decisions.

We’re your partner and advocate, working together for a healthy and vibrant Lenexa economy.